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Creative energy is all around us. It is a gift of creative ideas or opportunity for inner understanding and growth. Awareness, being awake and present, to recognize subtle things that inspire you to deepen our ability to know what enhances our creative practice. Receive creative inspiration and put it into motion or expression. When we are alert, we are available to receive creative inspiration and creative energy from infinite sources.



A cleanser and regenerator, it has a warming energy and is highly creative. It opens intuition, attracts abundance, teaches you to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success, all good things. It is a happy, generous stone. Raises self esteem and self confidence. Improves your motivation, activates your creativity, encourages self expression.


Peach Aventurine

Soothes your nerves and puts you at ease. Provides a sense of calm when there are loud critical voices inside your head. Boosts self worth and attracts success. Increases happiness. Boosts your creative ideas and decision-making skills.


Red Aventurine

Its about manifestation through action. Focussing your energy to get things done. It promotes a joyful and balanced life. It can help when you are in need of constant stimulation. Brings creative energies into your life so hat you will be involved in creative and inspiring endeavours. It is the healing light of your heart.


Yellow Aventurine

It helps focus intentions of manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself. Compassion, understanding, centering emotions. Enhances your energy flow throughout your body. Eases anxiety, and expands your flow of creativity.


Yellow Moonstone

Stone of new beginnings. Enhances intuition. Calms emotions.


Bead size: 10mm

Approximate bracelet size: 7in (17.8cm)


Each bracelet is handmade and strung on high quality elastic stretch cord to ensure durability. Each stone is unique, each stone's color will vary slightly.